Bob Likins

Doris was amazing to work with. I was retired and unable to get a conventional loan in 2009. I did keep looking in my preferred area against logic. I found a dream home beyond my expectations. 

Doris worked with me and discovered that B of A was making reverse mortgages that I could qualify for. After confirming with the loan agent that I could qualify Doris and I sat down on a Thursday afternoon and agreed on a price to sell my existing home and an offer on the new place. Friday morning Doris showed up with the docs for me to sign. By 2:00 that afternoon she called to say she had a contingent acceptance. The contingency was that our home had to be shown on a brokers tour the following Wednesday and an open house the following weekend. She had me arrange for a PODS to be delivered Monday morning. She arranged for a moving crew to come Monday morning and pack the PODS with stuff that would not show well. Tuesday morning the PODS was removed to storage and we went to a hotel for 3 nights. The brokers tour and open house were done and we got 2 good offers. 

The best offer had difficulty getting a loan. Doris expedited the sellers agent to find a loan. She ended up finding the loan herself. She expedited all parties to enable the deal to be completed in about 60 days. All in all she was a dynamo to work with. If I ever do another move I will surely use her. 

— Bob Likins