Revital Kaufman-Meron

We were looking for a house for almost 2 years before friends referred us to Doris. We have dealt with several realtors in that period however Doris was the only one to truly possessed the full and well rounded knowledge you need to have when you are entering the complex world of real-estate.When we first called her she made sure we meet face to face- a connection she worked diligently to maintain throughout our relationship. She immediately understood the type of property we were looking for and in return helped us understand in clear every day words how this unique market behaves. 

Doris did all the research for us- since we were looking for a home she made sure all the properties we saw were in excellent school districts, within our price range, and were true to our vision of what our dream house should be. Her services did not end there, Doris walked us through not only house listings and MLSs but also introduced us to new areas that met our criteria, estimated renovation costs, went trough mortgage calculations, didn’t hesitate to recommend us professionals when more information was needed and most importantly negotiated vigorously so that we would get the best deals. 

— Revital Kaufman-Meron